Want to learn Photography, Which is the best DSLR for it ?

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Re: Want to learn Photography, Which is the best DSLR for it ?

I think that, if you are a newcomer at Photography, any camera which can allow you to control the shooting conditions will be good, therefore, if you find a cheap Canon 1000D it it will perfectly adequate. It is far from excellence in terms of modern cameras, but as a learning tool it will be adequate. In fact, the process of "learning" will have nothing to do with the actual "quality" of the camera.

In fact, at first sight it seems an overkill to use a DSLR to "learn", but on second thoughts, as one variable you must learn is Depth of Field in focus, and that is the more apparent the larger is the sensor, I think that a cheap DSLR will be ideal. The Canon 1000D has a sensor in the category "APS-C", which will show the variations of DoF quite well.

Another option, possible better, is a Mirrorless APS-C camera, such as one of the Sony NEX family or the Canon M recently appeared. Over the DSLR is the fact that you would also learn to deal with Live View photography (using the rear LCD), wich nowadys is a feature useful to master (even if you choose not use it much in future).

Another option is one of the Micro Four Thirds cameras, excellent cameras, but with a lesser control of DoF (not much less, to be truthful).

Finally, you could prefer a fixed lens camera. But to stick to a largish sensor (for the mentioned DoF control learning) and not to go to very expensive material, you only have (to my knowledge) the Fuji X100, which has a fixed 35 mm lenses and still costs more than 1K USD.

Some advocate that for learning a fixed focal distance is preferable, as it forces you to play with perspective, but in my view it also deprives you of the experience of playing with different focal lenses.

I hope this is useful!

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