Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

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Re: I remember back in 1962....

jedinstvo wrote:

Phillippe Halsman, then on the staff of Life Magazine, was on vacation in a tourist town in Massachusettes and noticed a bunch of amateur photographers loaded down with tons of gear running frantically about the town. He asked one what was going on and the guy explained it was a photo contest. Halsman asked him why he was lugging around all the gear....the guy said "because I want to win!" So Halsman went to the local drug store and bought the cheapest camera they sold...which was two bucks. Keep in mind, this is 1962. He went out and shot the 12 exposure roll then returned it to the drugstore for processing. Then he entered his best image in the photo contest under a phony name...and won. Four of his photos from that 12 exposure roll were publish in the magazine and they were all excellent. A good lesson for all.

What is rong with all the gear & no idea.

Workd for me

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