Advice on Full Frame and Printing vs my E5

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Advice on Full Frame and Printing vs my E5

Hey guys Im after some advice with my current setup, and the photography I enjoy doing.

My main use is travel/holidays, and getaways. I enjoy landscapes and animals the most.

So I have now purchased/built and moved into my first home, and I have a large amount of wall space to put some nice prints up. I have a few Canvas prints which look great and have also printed on aluminium, I think it was 24x36 inches.

I currently shoot with an E-5, 12-60, 50-200, 14-54, 50, and a Sony Nex 5n Kit ( picked up a refurb from sony very very cheap).

First I enjoy my Olympus gear and have never really had any issues with it. The sony is a handy almost pocket size cam for night shots and outings when I don't want to bring the Olympus.

Now when printing large prints Im told Im pushing it from the different print studious used. I would like to get more large prints, and not have to worry about alway getting the shot perfect and allow for a little cropping if required.

So im after advice from people who are experienced and may have used other systems, and how they found their results.

Im looking at a few options and will list them below.

  • Wait for the next E5 replacement
  • Sell the Sony Nex5n kit and get an EM5 kit and adapter for my lenses. AF will be slow but for some nice holiday shots on tripod or where AF speed isn't an issue the extra sensor quality will allow better prints. 
  • Sell my E5 and 14-54 ( I have seen some good high prices locally for the body), save the 12-60 and 50-200, and then buy a Nikon D600 Kit ( I can get for 1900 in Australia) and then get 10% when leaving the country to go on holidays making it just over $1700. Advantage to me is the kit lens is 72mm so i can use my good quality CPL and ND from  the 12-60.

I could end up with an EM5 basic kit and adapter and a D600 kit while still keeping my zuiko lenses and wait abit longer to find out what body they will go on.

So for people who have used the Em5 with 12-60 for landscapes, does it offer much more from the E5, do the extra mega pixels help?

The D600 looks like a great camera, that is if it works and doesnt have oil/dust issues. The camera is a tiny bit smaller and lighter and the kit lens too.

Im sure the D600 will be alot better for landscape shots, but is it by alot. Also using the kit lens to start, will this degrade the quailty. Anyone used both the E5 and the Nikon and can offer some comparisons.

Maybe I just have GAS syndrome, but I would like to here from other people. My other thought is I can shoot with the 50mm on and do some stitching to get larger prints. I havnt played around with this type of shooting but its always an option too.

Thanks for reading and any comments welcome.

Nikon D600 Olympus E-5 Sony Alpha NEX-5N
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