Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

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Re: Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

xrdbear wrote:

<Huge snip>

I want to take another opportunity to thank you for your kindness in this thread and the help you are willing to give freely . Thank you , jtoolman .


Thanks for the extremely polite explanations Dusty. I'm sure we are quite clear now. I rather like the idea of 'strange alien intity' BTW.

You intimated that the prints you did weren't for any commercial use but just occasional interest. I have no idea if this would be useful to you but have you thought of colour laser printers? I have a Kyocera FS-CS5100DN letter/A4 printer and I have to say, after doing a profile for it, that the output is quite amazing on cardstock, every bit as good as a consumer inkjet (without getting out the loupe etc). Also, I have had a print of the snow capped Cuillins (mountains here on Skye) stuck on a notice board that faces a sunny window for the last 2 years and it still matches an Epson pigment print that I have in the drawer. The great thing about lasers is that they can sit there more or less indefinitely consuming no more than a couple of watts and using no ink at all. Mine also does the office stuff, prints exquisite colour photograph labels for our egg boxes and I've even done greetings cards with it.

Just a thought.

Thanks Brian ,

The Laser Printer Idea is something I have had no exposure to because I do own a nice FF digital Camera and have always wanted the option to print something if I should have something that good .

But as you say it would be very good to have a print machine that Hibernates indefinitely without using expensive ink or getting clogged nozzels .

Maybe there could be a special Zip-lock bag and a temperature control to store a hibernating Inkjet printer for ever . I never heard of it though , if it exists .

I see , I am getting crazy about solving this issue again . I think technology could fix this , but the profits from ink replacement would dry up . Crazy again .

Maybe the bottled ink solution could keep me or my printer alive for the next five or ten years .

I guess inkjet is still the best for image quality . Not to say my photos are worth my Photo Print costs and efforts . It must be a fantasy of mine that some day I will make a print good enough to hang on the wall . For now I like my 24 inch monitor for this , and it is tucked away in a small room .

Kyocera FS-CS5100DN Is that a 8.5 X 11 inch size ? How does the purchase price Compare with my iP3600 Canon , ( about $80.00 USD )


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