Such excellence!

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Leo James Mitchell
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Re: Nice pen! + an article on pen collectors

solarider wrote:

Quite a handsome looking pen, beautiful craftsmanship.

Interesting timing Leo, there's an article on pen collectors in today's L.A. Times:

page 1,0,6291249.story

page 2,0,6291249.story?page=2

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Thank you so much for your kind words and the links to the article. Many people are beginning once again to use a fountain pen. In many countries like India and others in that area, the use of pen and ink in their education system is mandatory right up to the university level. The fountain pen and ink industries are having a revival in a growing way. I now have 20 in my collection and I think that will be about it since I seem to gravitate to beautiful and expensive pens, so it behooves me to save some shekels for my other loves like photography and my home theater. Also I just bought a new house so my minister of the exchequer says I shall be more careful with my finances and I must listen to her or else!! LOL! I will use my new pen to sign the closing papers on Tuesday.

Best regards


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