X-E1 vs Canon 5D Mark III - continued

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Re: X-E1 vs Canon 5D Mark III - continued

I tottally agree with Martin D.

I was a big dissappoint for me to understand the non-sense advertisement trick of Fujifilm about how great its low ISO performance. In most situations with Fuji I had to either increase shutter speed or decrease appreture value in order to get same brightness compare to my Nikon D700.

I shared results here and I got 'good morning' and 'welcome to Fuji's world' replies to my threat. Everybody was trying to ignore how sahem it is but simply trying to explain this is normal, bla bla.. etc...

How come you can establish a marketing strategy on your ISO sensiticity which is not accurate negatively.

This is shame for Fuji.

And the sad part, this camera is still great camera and doesn't need cheap way of thinking.

In my eyes, Fuji downgraded its own image.

First wrong is creating a camera with inaacurate ISO sensitivity.

Second wrong is using your weak point as if your strong point for adverstiment.

I think it is fair to call second point as CHEATING!

Simply: If I kew this ISO issue, I wouldn't buy this camera.

Don't tell me 'return it' my dear smart friends.. not everywhere is USA and sellers here are looking for a reason to return any purchased item, and it is impposible to explain such ISO cheating issue to a seller... so maybe you are free to try and return things as much as you want but for some people this is not game and simply costs money!!!

Regarding color artifacts.. this is something I just learned. This is shame as well.

Shame on Fuji!

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