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Re: Two of ours....

Ben Herrmann wrote:

Here's "Smudgy," who is 9 years old now. We got her at just 4 weeks old when she was a feral kitten. Her unusual markings led us to name her "Smudgy" for what appears are a series of brown, tan, black, and white smudge-like coloring patterns throughout her coat. She's a very private cat and will hid if other people visit. She was in bad shape when we first got her, very tattered looking, had one eye swollen shut, had fleas, etc. But with lots of love, nurturing (and spoiling), and making her an indoor cat, she has turned into a beauty with a very regal look to her. I managed to capture that regal look in this photo. She was sitting on the chair next to my PC, just watching me when I snapped this in bonce flash mode:

The next image is of our newest cat - "Sheba." I saw Sheba in a local Pet Smart Store (they have animals on loan from local shelters and you can adopt them there). When I approached the cage, Sheba just started reaching through the bars and meowed up a storm - so much so that she caught my eye and I knew that at that point, "she had decided to adopt me." I couldn't deny her request and we took her home the same day. She's a classic domestic short hair tabby and boy does she love people. She's more like a dog, playing like one, and when folks come into the home, she has to greet them with loud purrs and constant chattering, and she demands that all guests rub her tummy. She rules the house really:

cute Smudgy and Sheba. And looks like they love to be photographed too

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