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Some of your style ramblings, from me this time

Hi Collin,

That would explain why you chose not to ​bold​ the bit about ​without any changes ​:-P then. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see a new DSLR, but I suspect that it won't be an E7, given what has been said; I reckon that the new flagship will be waiting for CAF to be sorted and production volumes of the latest Epson VF to be available since it is, inevitably, going to be a m4/3 body, albeit about E30 size, which will have to last into 2017 - seems hard to imagine right now.

So if there is going to be a ​new​ DSLR this year I think the best it will be is an update of the E30 with the EM5 sensor, maybe the 5-axis IBIS if they can do that while keeping the OVF and, of course, video, but with the limitations an OVF imposes.

For all those who are crying out for better CAF, I would suggest they sit down and try and design a predictive-focus algorithm given all the variables involved. I still remember Trevor Carpenter's attempts with the 70-300 at ​Butterflies​ in Flight now that would be a good test target for anyone's algorithm.

Everyone has their own favourite camera and, ironically, I discovered mine the other day after finding an OM auto-bellows standing on end in the corner of the front-window of my local LCE (London Camera Exchange) like an abandoned puppy begging for attention. I brought it home and discovered that it refused to mate with that alien, the E-510, unless I inserted an extension ring between it and the alien body. Not having one to hand at the time I dug into my OM case and extracted my all-time favourite camera; the OM4Ti and wandered around looking for a suitable macro subject. I started to remember why I liked the OM4; because there is no screen on the back it is much easier to grip firmly and keep the elbow into the body, plus, of course, the viewfinder. The body is that bit wider than the EM5, which I have tried and found too narrow, with nowhere for my left hand that felt secure, given that I have very dry hands that find polished shapes difficult to grip without risking the cherry-pip effect and an LCD that comes virtually to the edge of the body so no place there without putting thumb prints on the screen.

When sizing up shots with the OM4 I became aware that I was now more conscious of my nose banging into the back of the camera than I remembered. Why was that? After some thought a penny dropped at the back of my mind and, putting down the OM4 I went to my rucksack where the E1 lives and pulled it out, sure enough, when you lift it to your face the asymmetric lens position allows the body to nestle next to the nose - ​for those who use the right-eye that is​ leaving the left eye free to see what is coming into frame. The ergonomics of the E1, for me, were particularly well thought-out and I would love to see that body brought into the 21st century with 1/8000 shutter, the E5 AF system, but with the E1 AF-assist retained and the shutter damped to retain it's quietness plus of course as many of the EM5 goodies as can be incorporated.

So, My vote - far too late to influence anyone at Olympus - if there is going to be a native 4/3 DSLR would be for Olympus not to go back to the film era with another OM look-alike, but celebrate your original vision for digital with the E1 and revisit that design, please, pretty-please? You have the technology ​NOW ​ that you couldn't get for 2003.



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