Sony RX-100: problems with HD video?

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Re: Sony RX-100: problems with HD video?

tuxutat wrote:

Stephen McDonald wrote:

As suggested, put the video into the PS or 60p mode for best results with moving subjects. However, you can expect some skew or distortion and stuttering when panning or tilting the camera. The faster you make these moves, the worse the problem might be. Fast moving subjects going across the field of view, may also stutter. These are CMOS rolling-shutter artifacts, caused by time-gaps between the capture of scanning lines on the sensor.

These problems are worse on most cameras with even larger sensors and usually are less with small-sensored models. You may have to carefully shoot videos to avoid more than medium panning speed or subjects that are moving rapidly.

Here's a video I made that will hopefully put to rest your worries about rolling shutter artifacts on the RX100:

It's the same with subjects moving quickly across the FOV: The rolling shutter effect on the RX100 is relatively weak and hardly even noticeable.

It does look very tight and undistorted. Many of the RX100 videos I've seen may have been shot in 60i, which caused the problem. Some of them have been labeled as being from 60p, but they probably were not. There seems to be a great deal of variation in what different people are getting from this camera.

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