Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Living in the past?

Hatstand wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

Like i said, your FZ does indeed prevent you from shooting action because there ought to be times where its iso 3200 simply is not good enough to keep. All cameras have this limitation. for 60D, its IQ becomes not worth keeping at over 6400, for 1DX, the bar is even higher but it still exists.

I don't know why you persist in telling me that I have been prevented from shooting... when I have not? And impose your IQ requirements on me?

I am not imposing my standard or requirement on you. Two exchanges ago I asked you this question:

"If you dont agree then why dont you show us 5 iso 1600 keepers you got from FZ150?"

You have not posted five ISO 1600 action shots that you deemed worth keeping. From that I concluded what I said.

Perhaps you can invent some scenario where I am literally prevented from taking a shot, but it's never happened to me yet.

For example, you see that touch rugby shot I posted? It was ISO 2500, if you were there with your FZ150, even if it could keep up with the AF and shutter lag, it would probably not produce images worth keeping,

How about if 1DX owners came along and told every DSLR owner that doesn't have a 1DX... that they are not in fact, able to shoot action?

You see, I never said FZ150 cannot shoot action. I said yoru list omitted high iso Iq which is a important attribute for action photography. my point is the less high iso IQ a camera has the more limited it is in action shooting. For FZ150, where it can only maintain high IQ at iso 132, and probably acceptable Iq at around 400, its action shooting would be much more limited compared to APS-C SLR. and APS-C SLR is limited compared to 1DX too, though the gap is a lot smaller than that between FZ150 and APS-C.

And when they did shoot action it must have been imaginary, because actually their cameras prevented them from doing so.

There are plenty of times where I was prevented from getting keepers (nothing stops me, or anyone else, to press the shutter button) due to limitation of 60D's high iso IQ.

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