Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: Olympus assures us of a DSLR - and what size?

RobbGee wrote:

Hi alatchin

Just glad you never labelled me as a troll.

Your comment wasn't bad, but to my mind, a bit too focused for the reason you cite below... Price points and cameras are difficult... An olympus user with lots of glass will probably buy a competitive (or close to) olympus body as the $100 he saves would be blown moving to the new system.

The argument was about DSLR bodies rather than glass. I won many photo comps using Oly glass, none with Pentax. So I agree that Oly glass is better.

I am sure you were probably inspired by a genius: http://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_gilbert_on_genius.html

But, a typical new camera buyer will be looking at the body and kit lens price. In a market place in which Canon and Nikon dominate.

In my 35mm days, I was the only Olympus user in my club. The chairman used Pentax. All the rest Canon EOS and Nikons.

Oly and Pentax are very much in the shaddow of the marketing giants Canon and Nikon. Yet their R & D costs will be the same, for a much smaller market penetration. Eventually some Olympus business studies graduate (B.S.G) using a spread sheet and cold logic will make the decision to pull the plug on future 4/3rds development. This may already have happened!

While this may be true, is could also be false. Many here make the argument "how long can they lose money before the plug is pulled" to spell impending doom... But there may be 5 more years of camera releases, there could be 15... Companies lose money for all sorts of reasons and justifications, we dont know how Olympus weighs the value of their camera business. The OMD technology with brand new sensor, IBIS and stabilized EVF, improved video and add on tech... Many of these features are simply class leading (EVF in certain applications, IBIS with stabilized viewfinder and stabilized video), the new lenses in m43rds with their unique snap focus concepts... These are not the maneuvers of a camera division in death throws.

We, are probabily emotionally connected to our Oly's; the B.S.G. is not.

Thankfully these types of decisions and made as a collective, and it can take a long time for a group of people to decide on anything. Add to that, it is more likely that Olympus with keep adjusting its approach for a while longer than just dumping huge areas of investment.

What would the BSG (I keep thinking BFG here) think if the camera division says "We know you are pulling the plug on the line of SHG and HG lenses, we would like to redesign and start again"... No way it is more likely they can convince him to let them create the technology to keep selling those lenses. Until then the argument that there is a market for at least 1 $1300-$1500 professional grade body in 43rds could very well be an easy sell if the figures are compelling (and we dont know what they are).

Lets just hope that I am wrong.



Good conversation!


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