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Re: Big ticket guy

richard stone wrote:

One River wrote:

IMHO we will continue to suffer trolling if we respond directly to it. We can make a group effort to not bite and the problem will resolve.

Apparently that is the way it has to be.

Several forum "members" post mean spirited and insulting drivel,

Indeed they do. You being one of them, as the below evidences.

and wind up everyone with righteous and misguided responses...when, as you suggest, there can be no good (helpful or accommodating or useful) response to such posts. We can poke fun at them, but they define themselves by these exchanges.

As you have just done.

My observation is that most of us use insults that we ourselves have heard hurled at ourselves by others, and that we are sensitive to. So we may assume that everyone will feel the same way. I don't see any regularly posting forum member as dishonest,

You are obviously blind - either that or you simply cannot see. Or do not want to see.

or as a bully,

Really? You don't see any "attack dog" personalities among the SigMafia?

or part of a mob of some sort,

Of course you don't, or can't. You're part of the gang.

but apparently those are insults that our new "friends" have heard come their way, and are sensitive to.

I have no concern with curing people of such behavior, if I even thought it was possible, but responding directly is hopeless, because it only gives them an actual reason to respond.

How terribly hypocritical of you.

I've long held you to be a dishonest person. You prove it each and every time you post diatribes such as the above.

Now - back under your stone, Stone.

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