Still struggling with my SSD installation, Help!

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Re: To repeat, yet again, read the post

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Mikeobe wrote:

The only way Windows or the Samsung Magician software could see the drive was in IDE mode, The only way I could do a Fresh install was with the SSD in IDE, I could never get the software to see it in AHCI! However it does show up in Windows!??

Very strange!?

No, it's not very strange.

With a chipset that Windows doesn't have drivers included for that allow AHCI mode, you need to load the drivers during the install with the BIOS set to AHCI mode.

That's the entire purpose of having that "Load Drivers" menu choice on the same screen that it asks you where to install Windows to. In cases like yours, it's there so you can install the drivers needed so that Windows can recognize the drive so you can install Windows to it.

Then, after you use the Load Drivers choice (it's on the same screen that asks you where to installs windows to) and point it towards a disk with the correct driver files on it (the files from the floppy64 folder in the download I linked to earlier), the drive should then show up in the list and allow you to install Windows to it.

That's the proper way to install Windows to an SSD with your kind of setup (using a chipset that doesn't work in AHCI mode with the native Windows drivers).

Have you tried that approach yet (the same way I mentioned doing it 3 days ago)?

If not, then you don't know if it works as designed (as the instructions I gave you are the correct way to install drivers when Windows doesn't include native drivers that let it see the drive during the install with the BIOS set to AHCI mode).

It would probably take you all of 5 minutes to see if that will work or not (if the drive shows up on the screen asking where to install Windows with the BIOS set to AHCI after you use the Load Drivers choice and load the correct drivers, then you'll know it should work in AHCI mode installing it that way). If it doesn't show up, you'll know the drivers are not working right with it, and you can just exit the install.

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I'm going to give this a try tomorrow, I'll let you know what happens!

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