Do any MX-1 owners have any comparison shots they've taken with other premium compacts?

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Re: Do any MX-1 owners have any comparison shots they've taken with other premium compacts?

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marike6 wrote:

Don't have the MX-1 yet, but an extremely interested in this camera as the shots I have seen look extremely sharp, with good detail. The only thing keeping my from buying the MX-1 right now is the X20, which I'm expecting in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, some samples are starting to appear on Flickr, and there are now some full size images. Even though they are JPEGs, they look really good.

MX-1 set on Flickr

The image of the red chinese lantern show that they lens is fantastic. The sensor is likely the same as 12 mp Sony sensor that is in the Olympus XZ-2 and Nikon P7700, as colors look similar.

As far as RAWs, there are some full-sized RAWs online, but I haven't found a converter that works with them as of yet, but haven't tried SilkyPix, which Pentax usually bundles with their cameras, if I'm remembering correctly.

Nicer images here, same great IQ (See link below).,1_9433

Finally, PhotographyBlog has some full-size JPEGs. Quality looks great, but cloudy weather, dull photos. See what you think (See link below).

I really want this camera, but two high end compacts, plus a Nikon V1 might be overkill.

Regards, Markus

Thanks, Markus. And thanks for drawing my attention to this camera after I was set on a decision between the G15 and LX7 (after being disappointed with my RX100 and selling it).

I would normally have never given Pentax a second look, but the MX-1 might just beat the G15 in the IQ department - plus offer some additional features that are important to me (articulating LCD, 30p full HD video vs 24p on the G15).

I don't really care about a hotshoe and viewfinder. The only thing I find a bit disappointing is that you can't swivel the flash up to bounce it.

It look like you can bounce the flash, as that seems to be what this user is doing.

As far as the LX7, I have own that camera, and like it, but was a bit disappointed by the tendency to easily blow out highlights. In other words, the LX7 seems to have the same poor DR as the GH2 that I have. This is one of the criticisms of the FZ200 in the DPR review as well (poor DR).

I have downloaded a ton of G15 images from around the web, and they look good, but honestly the full-sized images I posted above (I have downloaded them and compared them with the other cameras like the G15) look better. And I haven't really found a G15 image that has knocked by socks off (but I'm sure there are some good ones) But like the XZ-1/XZ-2, the lens on the MX-1 seems to be a cracking good lens.

I've been having a look at those links and like what I see. ISO 1600 seems very useable with some noise-reduction software.

Obviously the MX-1 will be no match for the RX100 with its larger sensor at wide angles, but at the tele end the MX-1 will have a 2 stop advantage which will easily make up for that. And without the mushy corners of the RX100!

I sold my RX100 after 4 weeks. IQ was very good, as was video quality but I just did not like shooting with it. It really feels like a P&S and not in a good way. And the lack of a good macro mode and the soft f1.8 up close really made the camera not so much fun, IMHO.

One thing I did notice though is a lot of purple fringing (just look at the branches in this shot to see what I mean). But it very easily taken care of on something like Lightroom.

Even some of the best lenses will show CA in high contrast scene like you posted, but I wouldn't worry about it. Shoot in RAW and correct in LR for the rare cases that CAs do show up. But my experience with the XZ-1 is that 28-112 f1.8-2.5 lens is one of the best ever on a compact. That thing is spot on sharp. And word is the MX-1 has the exact same lens.

Like in this MX-1 image from the Spanish website that I linked to above. The rope is extremely sharp. This kind of crispness is the first thing I noticed about all the MX-1 samples (I'm hoping the X20 I pre-ordered looks as sharp).

Pentax MX-1 sample

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