Possible D600 Home Fix For Dust (Not Oil)?

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Re: Possible D600 Home Fix For Dust (Not Oil)?

Lucky Sky wrote:

I was trying to be oh so careful when I recently used my Artic Butterfly for dust removal. In the process of trying to be careful, I acccidently let the brush go under that frame that sits above the AA filter.

There's a space between that frame and the AA filter, and I pulled out (again, accidently) a big ugly glob of dust with the brush of the Butterfly onto the AA filter. I know it was dust because it came off right away with the use of my large size Rocket Blower.

Questions the photographers whom I acknowledge know more than I in these technical areas-

Have I stumbled upon a possible source of dirt (not oil) for the D600?

If so, do you recommend that I routinely use the Butterfly as described above to eventually eliminate that source of dirt?

Let me know.........I'd appreciate it.


As an aside on a subject different than dust, I appear to be one of the luckier ones where the oil problem (in my case) seems to be going away. I'm at 1500 snaps and things are getting better, oil-wise.

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Lucky Sky
I'd rather be lucky than good

After forking out so much money to Nikon, why should you have to find a solution to this problem?

The best way to force a manufacturer into action is to hit them where it hurts and take the filthy camera back and demand a refund .

Where to they assemble these things? in a potato bagging warehouse?

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