So, why no wink emoticon?

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Re: Why no emoticons?

Tony Sx wrote:

Tony Sx wrote:

Simon Joinson wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

Simon Joinson wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

Carsten Pauer 2 wrote:

:-(For me, I have yet to get the 'line' drawn emoticons to post as the yellow smilies and worse, they load onto the beginning of a post. Even the 'quoted' post. It will not move from there to where I want it, usually on the end.

Yes i see this every Day, the Forum Editor is full of Errors.
I Think here is no one Professional Programmer...

I agree that this current editor is a disaster; far and away the worst I have ever encountered.... and that is when working as intended. Its multiplicity of errors (on top!) are a disgrace.

It is symptomatic of what has happened to the whole website in its remodelling.

It has NOT been remodelled, it has been VANDALISED! Its integrated look has been destroyed, and its colour coordination has been screwed up. It is now an ugly mess, with some of the panels actually OVERLAPPING on some forums, the result of letting the child programmers out of their playpen too soon, I'm afraid.

(I don't want anybody to think I'm sitting on the fence about this.)


So why are SOME forums fine, fitting within the page limits correctly.... (??)...

... while others have much e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d topic heading lists, spilling rightwards to the point where they appear UNDER all the "Connect" stuff, and those other panels that are over there.... Because it is covered, I can't see the end of the end of the topic headings, let alone whomsoever it was that posted them.

Do you want a screen shot, Simon?

It happens that the missing wink is just another symptom. It is months now, and there is so much that is still wrong. NEW stuff goes wrong! Indeed, I could fill three sides of A4 with detailed listings of ALL the anomalous and infuriating behaviour of the forums, particularly this pig's breakfast of an editor...

... but why the hell should I? It is YOUR job to get it right..not my job to tell you what's wrong.

I am not just angry about what has been done to my favourite website. I am incandescent with rage!

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"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"


We ask what OS/browser you're using because we can't recreate this problem using any of our testing machines. If you want us to waste the next six months trying the hundreds of thousands of possible OS/Browser version variations on every page until we find the issue, that's fine. But we're not going to. You can help us to fix your problem or you can glow with rage. Your choice.

In an average month we have 3-5 million unique visitors to these forums. We know there are still problems with older OS/Browser combinations, and we prioritize them based on the number of people they affect. Some of the reported problems would take us days to fix and literally affect a single user, who could fix them himself by updating his or her OS or browser to a later version. These are very low down the list.

Now of course some of what you hate is probably intentional (design changes), and we're thinking about that too, but by the sounds of it you have functional issues with using the forums, so we'd like to know about them.

I'm off to shout at Sony because my new DVD won't play properly on my old TV. But i'll be damned if I'll tell them what kind of TV it is. Or what the problem is. Or which DVD it is. Why the hell should I do their job for them?


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Simon Joinson, Editor-in-chief

Simon, it's no good sighing, what needs to be done is for someone to fix the editor. I suggest to you that you direct your programming staff to . The site's owner's name is Eric. He will be pleased, I'm sure, for you to use his editor. Just ask. And by the way, it seems to work with all browsers, doesn't mess up quoted replies, allows any number of images in a post - unlike your editor, has adequate imbedded emoticons, is able to handle emoticons from outside the web address - yours just treats them as images and centres them - clunky!, allows BBCode, in fact it doesEVERYTHING an editor should do! Mind you, just like me, Eric is a programmer and a good one at that. Go ask for his code - it's probably public domain anyway! AND IT WORKS!

And then you write "BTW the selection of emoticons (and font colors/styles) has always been intentionally limited because we don't want the forum to look like it's full of teenage girls".

That's a real reduction in colours!!!!! More like it's full of vomit.

The quote colours have not changed in a decade. I'm referring to formatting options.


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Simon Joinson, Editor-in-chief

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