Ink Republic CIS nightmare!

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Re: Ink Republic CIS nightmare!

Robert Hoy wrote:

I got an Ink Republic CIS for my 6 year old Epson R1800 and what a mess. Clogs, clogs, clogs!

First the instructions are 7 years old and are outdated showing and detailing items that are now not part of their system. And their instructions seem to be poorly translated into English from another lanugage. I had to search the internet looking fo images of a finished recent R1800 system to figure out how to attach the tube brackets since what was pictured in their instructions weren't even close to the brackets they shipped me. Alass, I've dumped about 15% of my large bottles of ink already through cleaning cycles trying to get all nozzles to print with no avail.

I just got a nozzle test pattern print out to be as close to being "good" as I've had so far and just did another head cleaning and guess what? It made it worse! And of course I never had any problems using Epson ink cartridges. Initially my Blue ink was not printing much at all, so I pulled its damper out and used the print head cleaning kit they shipped me with their system. And that made the Photo Black and Red ink go from nearly perfect to 50% printing on the nozzle pattern test.

And whenever the print heads move all the way to the left of the printer, there's a bad gear grinding noise that now happens that again never happened before.

Any thoughts before I pull all their crap out of my printer and go back to Epson tanks? Thanks!

I never did like the dipstick type CISS systems. Preffer the Syphon style for much more secure ink flow. Form the pics it looks like the Chamber in the damper and the all the ink channels should be filled with ink. In a system like this unlike the ones that actually use carts, would be more prone to ink starvation of ink flow problems. Are your lines completely full of ink or during the idle times, does ink flow back toward teh bottles? On a Syphon system, there is no back flow problems.

I do not think it is an ink clogging problem as much as it is an ink flow or air problem.

Your gear grinding is due to you tubing interfering with the head carriage travel. Some of the old systems kike this one, do not use very supple and flexible ribbon tubing as found on newer versions of CISs

Did you try a higher positioning of the bottles?

I used to use CISS on some of my 15 printers but have since given up as the reliabilty was simply not there.

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