Help with importing into a specific location in LR4 please

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Re: Help with importing into a specific location in LR4 please

davidevans1 wrote:

I'm having problems importing to a specific location so need some help please.

I'm using a Sigma camera and this creates X3F files that Lightroom doesn't support. So I import these with the (awful) Sigma PhotoPro 5 software and am putting them in E:/My Pictures/SigmaDP2M/2013/2013.02.14 folder

I'm then batch creating TIFF copies and putting these copies in the same folder.

I'm then opening LR4 and importing from this folder. This then shows thumbnails for all the files - X3F without a photo and an unsupported message, and the TIFFs with a thumbnail. All are ticked. IS THERE A WAY I CAN JUST HAVE THE TIFF FILES TICKED, rather than having to manually until all the X3F files please?

Next I'm trying to choose the destination folder in LR4 that is exactly the same as the location folder, but LR4 insists on creating the sub folder within the 2013.02.14 folder of /2013/02-14 HOW DO I STOP THIS HAPPENING PLEASE? It seems to create a completely new set of files and the 02-14 folder properties shows 4GB size.

From the import dialog box

From the tabs "Copy as DNG Copy Move Add" select ADD

This will solve your problem

Thanks for help with these two questions.

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