Ink Republic CIS nightmare!

Started Dec 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Robert Hoy Senior Member • Posts: 1,572
update, no change

So I got around to pulling out the original damper system I was sent and installed the replacement set they sent me all with the same result.  Well actually worse.  My nozzle print test comes out much less complete than before with hardly any of the grey checker box come out printed.  And it's again the Photo black, Red, and Blue colors coming out the least.

Never had a problem with Epson OEM inks. My system is setup just like it's shown here in this guy's photos:  And I cleaned up pads and heads before putting in the replacement system.

In a hidden part of Inkrepublic's website they have some steps which include turning on a hair dryer and point it at the inks to help the ink flow better - not what I expect from such an expensive product.  The heat in my place is about 64 degrees.

Any more thoughts?

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