Cheetah CL-180 High Power Bare Bulb Hotshoe Flash

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Re: Cheetah CL-180 High Power Bare Bulb Hotshoe Flash

Denton Taylor wrote:

Obviously a qflash clone and saying 'US-based' is fine but this is made in China.

They have taken more of the styling from Q-flash than I would have liked, but this is a completely different flash unit designed and built from scratch themselves, taking over a year to do. There is actually a 360 version that doesn't have quite the same Q-flash look, its a pity they didin't keep them both more original looking. Using a different mount to the common Lumedyne would be a bad thing in my opinion.

Sorry I didn't mean to imply the flash is made in the US, just that Cheetah are a US based company with very good service record like Alienbees. So for US based customers there is local back up with high quality service.

The flash itself is made by Godox and will be sold under the Godox name as well, likely cheaper once they start flooding ebay. But this is a $600 flash with battery pack, the fact that Cheetah are standing behind it is a large part of what makes it worthwhile. I was very interested in the Godox version too but its not the ideal situation buying from some ebay sellers in HK etc especially when this is a new and completely unknown product. Edward form Cheetah stand has a very good record for looking after customers regardless, but he was involved with the development of the flash too making sure it was up to a level he was confident with backing.

This was not aimed as a Q-flash clone but more as a revival of the simple manual Sunpak 120J that many people  like myself and even Zack Arias have been campaigning for for years. I think there is a great opportunity for dedicated off camera speedlightes, super light compact and powerful. I think this is just the start of good things to evolve from here.

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