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Re: Return policy works fine for Amazom

misterpepper wrote:

I have enough of a handle on business to know that every time you return an item they lose money. You know that as well. Therefore every time you knowingly purchase something with the intent of returning it, that in my book is the same as theft. And I don't think I'm being self righteous to say that. There are many companies out there that will gladly rent you an item to try out if you only want to use it for a short time. Maybe we have a misunderstanding. If the numbers you give of how much you purchase through Amazon yearly are to be believed (although they did jump $5000 in two posts!) then Amazon likely does make money off of you as a customer, but not as much as if you never took them up on their unofficial "free rental" return policy.

No matter how many times or ways you try to make your point, I simply don't agree, so you're beating a dead horse here.  I just don't subscribe to your "book".  If you're judging my actions because they are not in alignment with your ideals, then you are indeed being self righteous.  Plain and simple.

I stated originally that I spend over $10K per year with Amazon and I am usually well above that.  I stated what my purchasing trends are only to demonstrate value to Amazon in the way of revenue vs. cost of what I may return in a given year, which in 2012 was a rounding error, compared to what I spent.

Quite frankly, I don't care what you believe. I was only providing my details to make a point regarding the business case/model I was trying to depict, but you don't seem to be able to grasp that either, so what do you say we just drop it at this point.

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