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Re: No matter what the future holds....

ravduc wrote:

Olympus needs to make money, as many of you have mentioned, but reputation is an important factor as well. Maintaining their reputation with former and new customers is as important in the long term as making money now.

Maintaining reputation bottom line wise is as important as it can make them money. Otherwise they can have all the reputation in the world with a chapter 11 and that's no good.

But I agree with Sir- just supporting the 4/3rd lenses as they are now to me is enough to keep reputation and keep more opportunities for money.

They have other immediate means of making money (ex. medical). Olympus Imaging has a long tradition of making excellent products and they, I am sure, do not want to let their customers down. It's not only a question of money, but also of reputation and pride in what they do. Imho this is what they have been saying in the last week. They need to take care of their four thirds customers.

Pride goes nowhere in this game long term if the whole division gets canned for not making money. I rather see them survive with 4/3rd lenses as a backward compatibility support.

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