Cheetah CL-180 High Power Bare Bulb Hotshoe Flash

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Re: Cheetah CL-180 High Power Bare Bulb Hotshoe Flash

LincolnB wrote:

So I'm a little unclear - the actual strobe unit has no battery itself? and needs an external battery pack? any of several readily available battery packs, including their lithium packs?

$400 vs. $230 for an AlienBee B400. About the same output but in a smaller, more portable package?

The radio triggers seem decently priced. No TTL? but remote power control?

Have I got that right?

Yes the flash has no batteries inside, so you need an external battery pack of some description. The 4500 Lithium pack although not the cheapest offers a lot for the price. Other packs like the Quantum packs appear to work as well, but not the regular 8 AA packs from Canon/Nikon? Pixel etc. You can get a sealed Godox PB-820 Nimh pack which is 8 AA cells inside for around $100. But the Lithium pack is still a lot more bang for the money. They even ran 4 of these flashes off one pack.

Yes the Alienbees would require a VML battery pack to take on location, so price is similar but this complete kit is half the weight of the VML alone. Much more compact and lightweight.

Yes remote manual power control only no TTL available.

This is mainly aimed at off camera flash use, though the flash itself does only weigh similar to a speedlight so using it on the camera at times could still me handy if you don't mind manual.

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