Compactness is supposed to be a DX draw, but where is it?

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Re: Compactness is supposed to be a DX draw, but where is it?

There is also the advantage of having a 70-200mm f4 function much like a very light 105-300mm f2.8 lens on a DX camera. Same applies with all other telephoto lenses on a DX camera.

calson wrote:

Unfortunate that Sigma created such a monster 50-150mm lens. It is a full pound heavier than the old lens which luckily I held onto and did not sell. For an additional 4 oz. over the new Sigma I can carry the Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 lens. The Sigma is better for indoor use on a DX camera with its 50-70mm range.

I agree about the new Sigma 50-150. Don't know what they were thinking. I've taken it off my eBay wish list.

But unfortunately, while the 70-200 f/4 may function as an f/2.8 on DX as far as DOF is concerned, it's still f/4 so far as light-gathering power is concerned.

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