All set to sell the RX1

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Re: All set to sell the RX1

ianbrown wrote:

Well those of you who know how many cameras I have had this will not be a surprise!

Never the less I have given it a fair try and taken around 500 images over last 3 weeks know don't get me wrong this is obviously a superb camera "for some people". It takes tack sharp images and the colour and IQ is up there with the best of the FF cameras.

However after using it for around 200 images in London I found I really struggle to adopt to the fixed 35mm lens.

I found myself wanting to change focal length to give a different perspective, I guess what you would do with a 24-70 etc.

I knew all along I wouldn't be able to survive with just this camera alone and I have been looking at a supplementary camera, like the Canon 7D or Sony A77 etc.

To be honest the problem is if I carry a DSLR around with me for say 30% of the shots I need then whats the point in having an RX1, it's just too expensive and I would still be carrying another camera.

I guess some people love the 35mm and can work around it and may become a better photographer for it.

I guess if I could afford it I would do it the other way around and have say the A99 as my main camera and the RX1 as the supplementary camera. However that is never going to happen, so maybe I need to look at A99 and have the RX100 as a walkabout?

I love the size and IQ of the RX1 I just feel it stifles my creativity and this I think is a very high price to pay for having a compact camera a with great ISO performance.

In summary I came away from 3 days in London with some good images but I just felt I left a lot behind.

Interested to hear from others who have sold DSLR and sruvived with the RX1 alone.


it all comes down to what suits you. if you're not getting what you want out of it, that's a good enough reason to move on. go with what gives you the greatest satisfaction - especially true if you are not constrained by professional needs that demand a certain kind of equipment.

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