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Re: Moving images using Lightroom

Thanks for the info.  My LR folders panel only shows me the folders I have imported in to LR, and not a replication of all the drives and folders I have on my computer like Win Exploere would.  Maybe I'm missing how to see that in LR.  I was hoping to be able to move images out of LR and into a folder that I have not imported to LR.  I think the only way for me to do this is by exporting them out, then deleting them from the original disk location using LR


suddie1215 wrote:

There's no Move command in Lightroom. First, open the Folder Panel on the left side of the Library Module by clicking on the right pointing arrow, and you will see a replica of your file organization on your hard drive(s).

Moving a file (or files) in Lightroom is simply a matter of selecting it (them) in the folder where they currently reside and dragging and dropping them to the new location. It helps to view the folders in Grid View which you can do by pressing the G key. Then as you select a folder in the Folder Panel, the contents show up in the main panel as thumbnails. Just select the thumbnails and move then to where you want them located.


chkproductions wrote:

Hoping someone can help - I've transitioned from Elements Organizer to Lightroom. One thing I could do in Elements was make a selection of images, go to the file menu, select Move, and through a dialogue move the images from their current folder to a another folder on my hard drives. I can't see in LR how to move images. The only thing I see is exporting them and retaining their current file format. Is that the way it is or am I missing a move option in LR?


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