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No matter what the future holds....

... the present is that Olympus has a massive credibility problem with it's current 4/3rds DSLR users that releaseing "statements" just can't fix. It's either release a DSLR camera or continue to suffer scorn and despair of users. It's not as much pessimism and dooms day personalities imo as it is the company has shot themselves in the foot far too many times. No company can cut 3 lines of cameras, nearly fold due to top level fraud, and then put forth a convincing face for users who have had money burning holes in their pockets for years now. They either give people a good product to buy or suffer the loss of credibility they brought on themselves.

Personally, I don't care if they make another DSLR or not, but I hope they release something that is a hit like the OM-D but that can use 4/3rds lenses credibly. That might be an OM-D pro that can use both micro and 4/3rds lenses well. It might be an E-7 straight up. Maybe they will do a mirrorless E-x or E-xxx with native 4/3rds mount or with a translucent mirror like the E-10/20. Who cares, but it's egg on their face until they do.

That's my opinion,


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