Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: Olympus assures us of a DSLR - and what size?

Hi alatchin

Just glad you never labelled me as a troll.

The argument was about DSLR bodies rather than glass. I won many photo comps using Oly glass, none with Pentax. So I agree that Oly glass is better.

But, a typical new camera buyer will be looking at the body and kit lens price. In a market place in which Canon and Nikon dominate.

In my 35mm days, I was the only Olympus user in my club. The chairman used Pentax. All the rest Canon EOS and Nikons.

Oly and Pentax are very much in the shaddow of the marketing giants Canon and Nikon. Yet their R & D costs will be the same, for a much smaller market penetration. Eventually some Olympus business studies graduate (B.S.G) using a spread sheet and cold logic will make the decision to pull the plug on future 4/3rds development. This may already have happened!

We, are probabily emotionally connected to our Oly's; the B.S.G. is not.

Lets just hope that I am wrong.



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