Now here is an honest review of the DP2 Merrill..

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Re: Now here is an honest review of the DP2 Merrill..

SandyF wrote:

RonJG wrote:

SandyF wrote:

I wouldn't call him a professional "reviewer" ... he's an amateur photographer user of various brands with some comments on his blog. BTW he used to post here frequently, but I haven't noticed him around lately.

FWIW, I find his coloration on posted photos on the blog are... somewhat weird. Like he's trying to do HDR ..or use "Foveon blue" setting LOL. That's not what comes from the camera around the Pacific coast, Half Moon Bay, etc. unless he's doing something really strange with his processing. He's based around Stanford Univ. area I recall (student? I don't remember). Also FWIW I shot directly into the sun with the DP2Merrill at Carmel at sunset and did not get 'spots.' He had to try really hard ... or pick the worst photo... to get that effect as on his blog.

FWIW too here are my photos from the same Pacific coast area last August. Many are DP2Merrill; others are Canon 5DII, couple with original DP1/DP2 cameras

Best regards, Sandy (archival) (current)

His work leaves your efforts for dead.

Deal with it.

Sticks and stones.

I don't see life ... or photography... as a competition.
I'm amused by your efforts to "trash" people who like their Sigma cameras.

I trash people who are bullies and are dishonest.

Deal with it.

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