Still struggling with my SSD installation, Help!

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Re: These are the files...

Jim Cockfield wrote:


These are the files you need (copied from the floppy64 folder in the current driver download). They're the same drivers in the amd64 folder (only the floppy folder also includes a txtsetup.oem file).

Save these 4 files to the same folder and see if right clicking on the .inf file from Windows Explorer after navigating to the folder you save them in gives you an install choice.

If so, you could try installing the drivers that way (install them by right clicking on the .inf file after booting into your SSD's Windows installation), and see if you can reboot and change your BIOS to AHCI for the JMicron chipset, and see if Windows uses them that way or not.

In fact, you may just want to go ahead and burn them to a DVD. That way, you'll have them handy if you need to reload them again (just navigating to the DVD and right clicking on the .inf file and using the install choice). But, it may or may not give you an install choice (some drivers will, some won't).

If not, just reinstall Windows from scratch, making sure your BIOS has the JMicron controller enabled with it set to AHCI, using the Load Drivers choice during the install (which will be on the page asking where to install windows), and insert the DVD with those files on it after using the Load Drivers choice.

IOW, you'd have the drivers on a DVD that way for either reinstalling inside of an existing windows installation, or for use when you install Windows from scratch.

See my last post (quoted below), which includes a link to a screen capture showing that choice if you don't understand where to find it during an installation.

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Mikeobe wrote:

I wonder how many more times Windows will let me re-install? I think I'm on number 5 now! Oh, i never did see the Drrivers load thing?

Mike, as explained in the instructions I posted for you, it's on the screen asking where to install Windows to. Here's a link to them again:

If you didn't see it, then perhaps you're missing another step (for example, are you using the Custom Installation option, as you'll probably need to in order to see the screen asking you where to install Windows).

Here's an article on installing Windows 7.

If you go down the Partitioning section, you'll see that screen. Here's a direct link to it:

Note the Load Drivers choice on it.

There's now way to load these drivers without re-installing windows?

See my last post.

As explained in it, you'll find a setup program in that driver download I linked to in my original instructions. But, it's probably going to install a bunch of RAID related software at the same time.

You may want to try what Bob just mentioned (using the .inf file).

Just make sure you use the one that's located in the the drivers>amd64 folder after extracting the drivers I linked to in my instructions post. IOW, since you have 64 Bit Windows 7, you'll want the amd64 drivers (those are the ones to use for 64 Bit Windows, with both Intel and AMD CPUs). You'll find a jraid_i.inf file in the drivers>amd64 folder when you unzip the download.

But, if were my system, I think I'd go ahead and install Windows 7 from scratch using the correct drivers to start out with, since I don't know how it will respond to changing from a built in driver to a JMicron Driver when switching your BIOS from IDE (the way it sounds like you installed Windows to the SSD to begin with) to AHCI.

Of course, you could try it and find out if that works or not (install the JMicron driver, reboot and change your JMicron BIOS setup to AHCI, make your SSD the first boot choice, and see if it works or not).

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Well, I found a way to update the Storage Controllers without having to reinstall Windoiws 7, Controllers are both showing in Device Manager as is the SSD, but, when I load Samsung Magician the following message appears-"Mangician was unable to find a Samsung SSD congected to your system. Some Magician functions may not work correctly,"  which they don't!

OH, in the Bios everything is good to go as well!

Under system information: AHCI N/A Information is only available for SamsungSSds, Sata Interface, NA, same message as AHCI, and OS Optimization-U/A, same message as the previous ones.

I'm wondering now if I got a bad drive?

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