DAM software replacement for IDImager

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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

Chris Dubea wrote:

MisterBG wrote:

I just returned to IMatch and looked at the "Teaser" document for V5 and I must say it looks very interesting, particularly as it says it's using a single editor to write and store all the Metadata, which is something I had lengthy debate about on the IMatch forum some time ago. The previous method of using separate editors for IPTC and XMP data was cumbersome in the extreme.
No doubt he will want more money for the upgrade, but as a registered user I hope the price will be favorable. I await the release of the full version with interest.

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Well, the release of iMatch5, or iMatchNG, or whatever it is called nowadays has been "imminent" for something on the order of 5 years. Do a search on my posts.

What I am saying is don't sit around doing nothing about your DAM efforts waiting for iMatch5. It will prolly be a long wait.

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I fear you are right regarding IMatch. Chances are we may never see another version, and if one is forthcoming, most disgruntled users will have moved on to something else.

For my part, I have settled on Zoner Photo Studio 15 (free version) for the time being.
I had given Daminion a lengthy trial, but it was ridiculously slow reading images into the catalog, although a revised edition has just been released, which claims to be much faster and with an improved UI.
Initial tests indicate a significant speed improvement, but it's still much slower than rival programs and I'm unlikely to adopt it as my "preferred" DAM program.

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