D800E lens strategy - will this work?

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Re: D800E lens strategy - will this work?

u007 wrote:

28/1.8G or Sigma 35/1.4 (and the bokeh on the sigma is great)

Nikon 85/1.8G

Yes, the 28/f1.8 is an option. Lot of good was said about it, but italso has some strange distortions (barrel at the edges, moustache in the middle) that need extra work to be tamed. I find that I much better enjoy lenses that have no geometric distortions. For example my current bread and butter lens, the 16-85VR is a pain when shooting buildings because of its barrel distortion. I want something more "rectangular" and the otherwise great 24-70 also has distortions.

I followed the stories about the Sigma 35/f1.4 closely. Its a superb lens, but its bokeh quality is generally arguable and this is why I said before that I will skip it.

The 70-200 VRI is said to vignette and there are better lenses than that. I plan to keep my current 70-300 VR as it does a very decent job upto about 200mm and on a high-ISO machine like the D800E it is expected to beat the 70-200/2.8 zooms, if lens guru Lloyd Chambers is to be believed.

The 14-24 is what it is, a superb lens, but since 30% of all my shots are at 24mm, I plan to aim above it and invest into the 24/1.4. The 16-35 may be a good lens, but not among the very best. And I want to squeze out every pixel from the D800E qualitywise.

Then either the 70-200/2.8 VR I or 14-24 or 16-35 depending on whether you prefer wide or long.

They're all great lenses, capable of matching the D800E. And they don't break the bank either.

LOL. They may not break a bank, but can easily bust my family budget. It may not be immediately obvious from Britain, but in this part of the continent people live from very different budgets. I expect the D800E to be my last camera before going to pension. Luckily my kids have grown up.

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