The M43/MFT Shaft !

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Re: The M43/MFT Shaft !

I never understand the fetish about full frame.  Certainly, full frame sensors have the capability to provide superior quality images in certain circumstances - but to see the superior quality you would also need a superior quality lens + powerful processing engine + decent battery to power it all.  None of these items will be small (especially the battery) or inexpensive.  Even with all that, the potential quality difference is not readily apparent unless shooting in a difficult situation such as low light.  Not normally the reason that one carries a pocket camera.

Then further consider that the Oly XA had a fixed lens, rangefinder focusing (no auto focus,) and aperture priority auto exposure (no program exposure.)  I doubt such a camera would find much interest among mainstream buyers today.

Now my gripe...  today's pocketable cameras do a terrific job capturing pictures under a wide variety of circumstances, but they're too slow.  Why can't they make one that is fast.  I would definitely give up a few bells and whistles for a camera that would allow me to take grab shots quickly.

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It's not how many pixels you have... but how you use them.

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