Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

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Re: Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

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I have had great success with the Cone cartridges and ink in my r3000. Not only are the cartridges easy to fill, the ink just doesn't clog (even in my extremely dry climate in Colorado). And the best part is that based on some limited testing, I believe the gamut of the inks is as good as, if not better than the OEM inks. And the cartridges seem to last way longer on a fill than new OEM inks. I don't think the OEMs are filled up completely. If you watch "sales" on the Cone ink site, you can occasionally pick up a complete set of cartidges for a significant discount. I'm going to get a second set of cartridges, as a rotational issue. I can keep a set completely filled, and when I need to swap out a cartridge, I can swap the whole set at once, which then only needs one "recharge and cleaning" cycle for the whole set, rather than one for each cartridge I swap out.

I'm looking at Cone inks and cartridge system for a 3880 with a plan to replace each OEM as it was used up. I've seen other posts (and I think a claim by Cone) that the color match is so good you don't have to reprofile the printer after such a swap. I didn't realize I'd have to do a recharge and cleaning cycle after each change out.

Would my plan actually become more expensive in the long run due to the many additional recharge and clean out cycles?

I would not believe that 100%

A very reliable and knowledgable member here just discovered on his R3000 ( using CONE K3 VM inkk set ) that this was not the case. Let it be know this person is very expereinced in profiling and interpreting gamut maps. He realized after disscussing with me that there indeed was a difference. He figures that the R3000 after switching over from OEM to CONE, finally cleared off all the remmants of OEM inks. He had created custom profiles possibly a bit prematurely and the profiles results were taking in to account small remmants of some OEM colors.

He bagan to see differences when comparing prints done with 100% OEM and then later on after being well into the CONE inks.

A new custom Profile solved the problems with the rendition of reds.

If he wants to disscuss in greater details I'm sure he will but I simply wanted to emphasize that there is not such think as a perfect match.

Heck even Epson OEM stock batches will differ.

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