Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: No - optimism must be tempered by realism.

PhotoHawk wrote:

CollBaxter wrote:

My personal belief is Olympus where rolled over by Panasonic with the sensors. It looks like they had some agreement to uses Panasonic sensors exclusively.

I agree with you there.

The 12 MP by the time it hit the E-30 / E-620 was already old ( It was a re fab of the 10MP) .

I'm not sure if it was a refab. It may not have been a big leap in performance but it did have some progression.

I believe Olympus was initially dragged in m4/3 by Panasonic.

Yes, I think you are right there. I too don't think u4/3 was really Oly's preferred direction. But seeing as they would be the only ones left in the 4/3rds camp meant some comprimise was inevitable. Also Panasonic in u4/3rds may have be able to point to better realisation of the benefits that made the 4/3rds argument a compelling one, save the one on telecentricity.

For 4 years they used the same crappy sensor while Panasonic released new cameras and new sensors. Panasonic also released DSLR bridge type cameras where as Olympus produced a slew of pens with the same sensor in a different box with the best possible cludges to get the best out of them.

Kludge. Yep, but there were some pretty good kludges. Still the lack of a competitive sensor did Oly no good there.

What I meant was  that Olympus through each reiteration of the same sensor Olympus always seemed to suck a bit more out of the sensor , until they got to a point where they flat lined sensor wise.

The E-5 was the same thing. I believe DSLR development and new products was halted due to the lack of a competitive sensor and not necessarily only sales of product. Its amazing how things have changed since the Sony sensor in the OMD.

I think the E5 is one very good camera - it may have been an excellent one had it been released one or two years earlier. However the competition has moved on since 2008 and time has certainly made the comparison of the E5 with current cameras decidedly one sided and not in Oly's favour.

As to the Sony sensor, yes that technology has not only affected Olympus but just about every other camera manufacturer for better or worse. Better if you are using it like Nikon, Pentax, Sony and in 4/3rds format Olympus, not so great generally if you are not using it.

One can only imagine what an updated E5 or E30 would be like if it had the current generation of the Sony sensor. But once again time moves on and I would hope the same thing that happened with the Panasonic sensor doesn't happen with the Sony/OMD sensor. In other words that Olympus keeps reusing for the next 3-4 years while the market introduces better, quieter and higher performing technology.

It has been a difficult road to travel for Olympus with the Old Panasonic  sensor. But in the long run it has done one thing and that they have found out how  to suck the best results out of a sensor where others have have waited for the sensor manufacturer to upgrade with the next iteration. This can bee seen with the OMD where a senor with a smaller pixel pitch equals and betters the same less dense sensor with 30%-40% more surface area.

( Insert DOF / Equivalence posts )  

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