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Re: Canon iP4850

Izabelle wrote:

Hi all,

I have tried everything to get my Canon inkjet ip4850 to print colours correctly. I bought third party ink and have had no problem, up until last night, when the only colours that seemed to print were cyan and magenta.

That was your first mistake. Canons DO NOT do well on 3rd part carts or refillables.

Refilling is only reliable if you refill and reset your OEM carts.

I went and bought canon brand ink today, $130 later, replaced all colours, and still no success.

Originally it was for printing onto CD's, but i am test printing on paper to not use up all of my printable CD's, and still no luck.

I have aligned print heads, cleaned etc, tried printing in different programs other than photoshop, still no luck.

Nozzle check will show you are not printing Yellow.

You may have to clean the print head if normal cleaning cycles are not freeing up the Yellow channel.

I really don't want to spend more on a new printer. This printer is old but the colours were fine two weeks ago.

Any suggestions?

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