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Re: All of this is well and good, however...

Stacey_K wrote:

Doctor Lecter wrote:

and if I buy a new computer right now, there will be a better one released in just six months!

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Dr. Lecter

But would you buy a new core2Duo computer today from company X when company Y just released an ivy bridge 4 core? That's about how far behind olympus was with their 4/3 models as far as sensor technology. The E5 sensor was 2 year old technology when it was released. If they do this again with the E7....

This is also a little off, consider this... The E-5 while using the silicon from a previous model updated both their processing and their consideration of the AA filter. The E-5 has an I quote:

"Olympus promised that the E-5 would give excellent resolution, and it does. Considering its relatively modest pixel count,at ISO the E-5 is capable of describing an extraordinary amount of detail, both in JPEG and RAW files. As you can see from these examples, the E-5's RAW files contain some line detail well beyond Nyquist."

It also had video, apparently tweaked AF, a larger screen etc... So while the silicon which people like to bang on about might have been uncompetitive at high ISO and lacked movement in DR, in detail and feature-set it was a significant improvement over the E-3.

Olympus was bashed up the wazoo for the lighter AA filer here, yet almost all camera makers have now moved in that direction. If they release an E-7 or new body concept (say around an E5XX size with beefy adapter ) with the OMD sensor tweaked again, better video, the IBIS, improved connectivity, improved AF, along with a number of new features all for say $1500 it would be a very compelling body.

Mirrorless or DSLR, it will be very competitive for so many applications, and a very fair price.

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