Attempt at HDR. Successful or not?

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Re: Attempt at HDR. Successful or not?

I think that you may have done this handheld? Something about the image seems to indicate that it is a little blurry, especially around the trees near the light. If you have the chance it is always best to use a tripod for these types of shots if possible. I saw the other comments about the light being jarring and I would have to agree, but of course you could do a little exposure reduction after combining.

While there are many ways of doing HDR to make it more natural I am also a fan of the more "surreal" HDR shots if done with care and subtly. It can look really great and make some photo's pop. It really depends on the type of effect you are trying to achieve, the more natural look or something else to catch the eye.

One last thing I would say is that the composition makes for a more successful HDR shot as well. In the shot you took it may have benefited perhaps from a lower perspective closer to the road. Some of the more interesting natural looking landscape HDR shots have a very present foreground that leads the eye into the rest of the picture. The detail is crisp and well balanced in the foreground as much as it is throughout the rest of the picture.

Overall the picture doesn't work for me, but hey, it's only a test shot and your first attempt. so it just needs more attempts and experimentation to find what will work. Good luck.

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