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Craig from Nevada
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Harsh News

I happen to think that the losses that are reported on the Olympus webpage make every statement we have heard over the past year irrelevant. Really.  All bets are off.

If I am a shareholder, my first question is "how are you going to stem the losses and return to profitability?"

Real simple--there are two types of products:  1) those that are profitable; and 2) those that are not.  Given the growth in red ink this past year, I might conclude that none of the cameras fall into category 2.

I am wonder how Olympus can price an OMD at $1,000 and show profit but Panasonic must price the GH3 at a much higher price?  I don't think Olympus can.  Take at look at the red ink spilled since OMD was released. If I am on the board, my second question is "is this going to show a product anytime soon?"

Now comes talk of a new generation of E-system?  Be serious.  My third question is "how can you turn a profit on DSLR, when you have already stated it is done and have relinquished any position in the market?"  Sorry, one camera, does not make a coherent package of products.

My fourth question is "Can the intellectual property be sold as part of the going out of business sale?"

Call me one of the "ney sayers" but I happen to think that the imagining division at Olympus isn't a hobby.   They need a path to profitability. The rumor mill is probably one of several options under consideration and I would guess that the in-fighting at Olympus is something ugly--those who think DSLR should be retained and those who do not.

In a world where there are too many cameras chasing too few buyers, the choices are tough. Show me a road map that makes some sense.

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