Is there a mode that lets me set P and A?

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Re: Is there a mode that lets me set P and A?

viking79 wrote:

Boris wrote:

My Petax K5 has this called set your Aperture and shutter-speed and the camera adjust the iso for a proper exposure.

Agreed, Pentax is the only company that implements this properly. The other common method is over-riding M to allow auto ISO, but then it is no longer M mode and this will burn you when you think you are in M and find out later the camera was setting the ISO for you.

I think it is a very important mode for any camera to have (my second most used mode after A). My Samsung does the auto ISO in manual mode, but not sure what NEX does, my NEX 3 does not allow this mode at all, but don't know about the newer models.


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My now-dead Panny LX3 did the same thing. And allowed to set AUTO-ISO limit.

These are just SW things. I just can not understand why we don't have these features on our NEX's. Heck, I am a SW engineer and can not understand why I have to be in panorama mode to set the panorama direction.

But then the Japanese are notorious for user the interfaces. And technical documentation; I still remember the C-ITOH printer docs from the 80's. The HORROR, the HORROR.

So I don't see nothing to prevent having AUTO-ISO on manual, and setting the ISO limit too.

Just waiting for the firmware upgrade.


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