What has happened to Nikon?

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The posse rides!

Shotcents wrote:

frank-in-toronto wrote:

"the guy said, "You shouldn't have any rattles.""

that's what Nikon should say. their reputation among enthusiasts is damaged with the latest releases. p&s'ers and other with kit lens entry level dslrs looking to move on up will naturally be asking those they see with the new cameras. so a D800 owner who suffered the AF issue or a D600 who has the dust issue will influence future purchases.

think about it. who would you ask? someone you know with the camera? or a camera store salesman?

My friends and I have warned everyone we know to stay away from new Nikon FX DSLR bodies for now. It's a trickle down effect.

Sounds like you guys have created quite an anti-Nikon posse! Do you issue armbands? Are your non-DSLR-shooting friends and neighbors tired of hearing from you yet?


How could anyone feel good about recommending the D800 to a friend at this point?



.. Now go look at the forums on the 5DIII. You may find a few complaints, but nothing like this.

Judging camera viability by reading dpreview forums. As Charlie Sheen would say, "WINNING!".

After the initial let-down of the 5DIII sensor specs, buyers began to find that it's a incredibly refined and reliable product.

The 5DIII is pretty nice.... except for the banding in shadows issue, and the lack of DR.


Obviously I'm not remotely alone with my experiences and this is a new plateau of incompetence for Nikon. But I have to think that lost money will eventually force them to make improvements. I guess we'll see.


Robert, I strongly suggest you join the Canon shooters. You seem to be pressing your nose against the window, mewling for entry, and you should just walk in. I'm sureyou'll be happier. I know we will.


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