I'm still liking Pixelbender

Started Jan 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
eagle_I Senior Member • Posts: 2,670
Re: I'm still liking Pixelbender

infraRaven wrote:

Thank you. Is pixelbender working the same as the oil filter does? I saw a picture that I really like and it was made with pixelbender.

CS5 Pixel Bender plug-in was used on this one. Using CS6's Oil Paint filter gave me almost identical results.

The image is intended to be viewed at 1280x720 pixels as it came out of Photoshop.  The highly magnified view I see when I click "original size" is too large and what's embedded in the thread is too small compared to the 1280x720 pixel size I viewed when I "tuned" the effect's sliders.


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