Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: Olympus assures us of a DSLR - and what size?

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For my use, I like the size and weight of the E-5. I can't see how they'd fit all of the easy access creative controls and a swivelling LCD on a smaller body that's as rugged and weather-proof as the E-5.

Well, Pentax proved with the K-7/K-5 that it can be done, didn't they?

and even Panasonic's first try w/ GH3 was not bad

If this logic is developed just a bit more. Just think, where in the market could Olympus launch a new DSLR, that could compete successfully on price and specification.

That is weather resistant bodies and Full HD video for a start!

Entry.........£500..........E-470 V Pentax K-30.

Mid.............£850.........E-650 V Pentax K5 II.

Advanced....£2000......E-6 V Various Canon and Nikon FULL FRAME bodies.

Sorry about using Pentax DSLR's as the yard stick for the lower end of the market, but they are seriously good cameras.

In my heart I am a Oly fan, but logic has directed me to Pentax!

Not trying to be difficult, while I agree pentax has some nice bodies out there, the really only have a few good zoom lenses compared to 43rds... And in primes, m43rds is starting to really shine.

So, there isnt anything like the 12-60, and there really isnt much like the 50-200, even if the 60-250 comes close, it loses a stop to a half negating much advantage between Pentax's good sensor and a new OMD sensor in a 43rds camera. While being more expensive than the 50-200...

For many 43rds users, those are staple lenses... Now Pentax offers a fair few primes for its users, and nice ones... But instead of changing systems, if you want to shoot with primes there are a lot of nice ones, but expensive compared to say the 17mm f1.8 + 25mm f1.4 + 45mm f1.8 for m43rds, which, as i am doing, I can use my 43rds lenses for a number of applications using the free mmf3 adapter from Oly.

So for me adding m43rds made more sense as I dont have sell my 43rds glass.

Wish I could be more upbeat for the true believers out there.

We dont have to be "believers" I could as easily say we are plagued by converts who regularly revisit their choice to move systems in the Olympus forum, over and over justifying their reasoning and trying to assure themselves of their decisions and expense... Just a point.



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