Samsung SSD weirdness in Win7

Started Feb 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP bill vann Senior Member • Posts: 1,169
more info

AArrgghh i complain about the same thing when I troubleshoot.  I'm disabled, spinal cord injury and one of the drugs I MUST take screws with my logical thougt so sometime I think I wrote things but didn't  alos contributes to the odd bits of weirdness in some posts.  I try my best. thanks for understanding

Samsung 830 256GB

happens when MS Windows updates are installed, the only time i get the warning

Samsung Magician says it is totally fine, well tuned etc.

not sure if magician is the current version, will check it

the fact that magician says it is spot on is why I'm not too worried

yes have everything backed up, redundant back ups as redoing the OS and programs is a pain.

have not upgraded SSD firmware prefer not to as it seems fine



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