Do we have to have IS? Discussion topic.

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Re: Do we have to have IS? Discussion topic.

As resolution of sensor and lenses grows, even smaller movements during exposure affect the pixel-level sharpness. Take 300 lens. It has about 8 degree angle of view. On 1.5 mpix sensor, slight angular (pitch, but yaw is similar) shake during exposure, only 0.008 of degrees, will cause blur more that 1 pixel high, almost 2 actually (more because angle of view in the vertical dimension is much smaller than diagonal of the image circle). On 36 mpix sensor it would be more than 10 pixels, rendering all improvements from the pixel density useless.

For that reason image stabilization is paramount for handheld photos. Moreover, just 1 kind of stabilization is getting to be not enough for tele lenses, and it is time for manufacturers use hybrid stabilization, using OIS on tele lenses to stabilize large-amplitude pitch and yaw and using IBIS to stabilize translational and rotational movements which OIS cannot do, and assist OIS in stabilizing pitch and yaw.

And also it should be understood that camera/lens combos without good IS are either tripod&remote release-only, or their stated resolution is purely theoretical.

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