Nikon (and Canon) they're on to you

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Re: Nikon (and Canon) they're on to you

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Agreed living in Toronto, Can have a huge impact, Expensive. Just got a think tank yesterday Street walker Pro regular price 229$$ got it for 149:00$$ I had to really ask for this..think tanks site selling them for 189:00$$

Well i just made a friend with the sales Person.. and was told if i want anything to come / ask for her..She's on my christmas shopping list ..even took her out to lunch, and discussed matters Next on shopping list the BIG STOPPER ND FILTER

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You make a very good point in regard to an effective strategy. I buy tech products at the same 2 or 3 places here in Calgary and put a lot of effort into "schmoozing" sales people and managers. A lunch once in awhile doesn't hurt, a Christmas card etc. You shouldn't have to do this but it's amazing how your prices drop. I have had 35% come off the cost of a carbon fiber tripod, 40% off a scanner and 20% off an "exotic" Nikon lens (saving me $600). Obviously they must still be making an acceptable profit. Another strategy that works especially well with female managers is to go in the store poorly dressed - blown out knees on your pants work well and a shirt with one sleeve torn loose at the shoulder is the clincher. Then you tell a sob story about how you need a break on the price. Of course they know it is a joke because I can't help from laughing but they are very amused and will take 15% - 20% off right away. It can pay big dividends to be entertaining. One time I went in with an old hospital ID band around my wrist and suggested I might be going for cancer surgery in a couple of days. Got a terrific "sympathy" discount even though the sales rep was chuckling over the obvious scam.

The markup on smaller items is outlandish. One day I went for a spare EN-EL15 battery for my D800. The store wanted something like $100. I staggered at the counter and asked for oxygen, then suggested (in jest) this was usury and would call the cops. The guy (who is one of my "schmoozees") laughed and said "OK. Would you take it for $29.95?) So I did.

Another trick ... snoop around and find how the store allocates bonuses for sales. The photo store I patronize doesn't have commissions but there is a month-end reward for the employee with the best sales. Show up for a purchase a few days before that and there's a good chance there will be someone behind the counter looking to firm-up his position or overtake the current leader. This can result in a nice discount - especially if you bundle some things together so as to make it a reasonably good sale. Works best with some planning.

My wife sez my scheming and "acting up" are embarrassing and she won't shop with me but hey - I save a lot of money and have no shame.

We are a desperate people here in the Frozen North.

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Let me know when you're gonna go in to the store. I wanna watch the performance as it sounds highly entertaining. I've tried sad puppy eyes and begging for a discount but that doesn't seem to work.

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