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Re: Yes, exactly like any corrupt society

fad wrote:

Ando72 wrote:

I have to laugh when Americans think that anything other than pure capitalism is the thin end of the wedge on the slide towards communism

So you seriously think that a guy building a relationship with a salesperson to get better service/price is related to Soviet communism? Really?

Yes, friend, I'm just a stupid straw man who only purpose in life to justify your stereotypical thinking :).

Yes, 'is related to' is vague enough that I can say yes. But the way they are related is what matters. The key thing about the market is its ability to destroy sellers through competition and to provide information via price. Whatever its limitations, it makes things cheap, abundant and easy to obtain.

Building a relationship with a retail salesperson, is very inefficient and, by its nature, discriminatory. It is substituting very personalized effort for price. That, my friend, is how things work on a grand scale in corrupt societies like Soviet Russia and current day China. And this is profoundly undemocratic and discriminatory. Anyone can buy at the same price from B&H and Amazon US. You don't have to smell nice, or look nice or speak the language. A dollar does not know who owns it, and that is the essence of democratic equality. The 'wrong' sort of person has the same privileges as 'special' people like us.

Getting a special price by personal relationship is actually a mild form of corruption. (Not that I'm going to lose any sleep over it.)

But, what do we know? We ​fought​ for our independence. ;>)

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One of the MAIN REASONS B&H, Adorama, and the like have been so successful is the stupid uneven taxation situation that an "online retailer" can offer zero state tax whereas a bricks and mortar business has to charge state tax. This is tolerated at a time when USA governments are beyond dead broke and need revenue - go figure. Seems to me everyone should be paying those state taxes

America hasn't figured out that governments need a proper mix of income taxes, corporate tax, payroll taxes, royalties, service fees, property tax, and consumption taxes - they need a revenue stream or duh they have deficits!

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'A camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.' -- Dorothea Lange

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