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Re: From the Olympus Website--A little better translation than DPReview

Craig from Nevada wrote:

"Some reporting agencies released reports that Olympus (the “Company”) is considering a drastic reduction of, or withdrawal from digital single-lens reflex cameras, however there is absolutely no truth to those reports.

In addition to strengthening of offering of mirrorless interchangeable-les cameras in the future, the company will continue to offer digital single-lens reflex cameras as in the past without any changes.

By R Butler | Published Feb 2, 2013 |
The long wait for the next generation of cameras for Four Thirds may soon be over, suggests Olympus' Toshi Terada, Manager, Product Planning SLR products

rovingtim wrote:

If we could take pictures with Oly's words, all would be well.

LOL!  Following their occasional statements always feels like reading tea leaves, sometimes bordering on following corporate mood swings.  Perhaps they've entered menopause?

More on the same - Terada's statement in DPR's interview a couple weeks back:

"We have to provide a product for users with SHG and HG lenses. And there are people using E400, 500 and 600-series DSLRs, we have to provide products for them to keep enjoying their photography. For those users AF speed is important and a suitable finder is necessary. And also it needs to be the right size - the benefit of Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds is compact size. One of the benefits of DSLR is continuous autofocus. In this respect, we have to promise total AF performance in future."

And Pekka Potka's interview of Terada on 10/2/12:

"These images led into comments on several usability issues. One of them was of course the present ability to use FT lenses only with quite restricted AF capabilities with mFT cameras. We agreed on the great value invested in FT lenses, both for Olympus and for owners of FT lenses, me included. A few weeks ago I met Mr. Akira Watanabe from Olympus Imaging and he told me that there will be new bodies with which FT lenses will have their real AF performance. Now Mr. Terada gave me a similar, very strong assurance for the future usability of FT lenses. The words were different as Mr. Watanabe told me exactly how he sees FT lenses´ AF capabilities being integrated with future bodies. Because of confidentiality I can't write more on this. Now the situation was more official and Mr. Terada was not as candid on how this integration will be implemented and used more words like "investigate", "research", "discuss" and "no decision (on particular implementation) yet". Even so the message was clear."

Putting these together, my hunch is they're still working on a hybrid mFT/FT body that solves the 4/3's lens AF issues in some manner, not the easier fix of a new 4/3's body simply utilizing the E-M5 sensor and updating their C-AF system as some of us had hoped for.

Olympus has gone to where the money is with their R&D $$.  They never competed with Canikon when it came to C-AF, a market factor observed each time I go birding and see nothing but the competition.  Sports photography, same deal.  Should they release an updated DSLR, bringing C-AF up to at least the level of the competition is a must.  That equals R&D funds they're currently spending on mFT - unlikely to happen.

As for the sensor, for a flagship model to compete they would need to be looking at 24MP simply to get people's attention, like it or not.  Can this be made to work in 4/3's?  I don't know.  And even if it did, an E-7 would still struggle given Canikon's FF offerings at the same price point.

I think there could be a place for a single K-5 sized body with all the bells and whistles priced at $1200 or so.  With an add-on grip/battery pack it could also service their larger SHG lenses.  Such a camera with much improved C-AF could draw me back.  But would it attract cross-overs from other brands as mFT has?  Or would it remain a niche model for Olympus loyalists such as us?

I've stayed with this company a long time for the simple reason that I just like their products.  Just this morning I gave my wife a laugh by placing five of them together on my camera shelf just so I could rekindle memories:  OM-2S, E-510, E-620, E-M5 and E-PM1.

I enjoy smaller bodies, part of the whole OM experience I cut my teeth on, but grew tired of waiting around for an E-720.  I  first bought a discounted E-PM1 to have a play with mFT, and recently an E-M5.  I've now been spoiled by instant AF, 9 fps shooting and dead-on focus accuracy all the time with mFT lenses, and acceptable AF for FT lenses when shooting still objects/landscapes.

I also still shoot with my E-620 and occasionally my E-510, and love doing so.  Also love my 4/3's  lenses.  An E-720 would have me pulling my wallet out in a heart beat so I could fully enjoy lenses like the 12-60 f2.8-4 and 50-200 f2.8-3.5.  I can't afford SHG's, but might even rent one on occasion just to have a play.

But a hybrid, if they can pull it off, just might be the best of both world's.  Coming from one who now has a foot in both camps, god save me !

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