T3 Manual focus point selection question.....

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Re: T3 Manual focus point selection question.....

Lemming51 wrote:

carauction wrote:

Just received my new T3 and kit lens. Is there any way to set camera default so as to leave the focus point selection on 'manual' at all times. Apparently after you confirm focus acquisition, you can no longer move the focus point again, unless of cause you re-press the selector button. This kind of becomes a nuisance.

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AF through the viewfinder: Shooting in the "Basic Zone exposure modes (green box and icons), the camera will autoselect the active focus point. Manual selection is not possible. In the Creative Zones (P, Av, Tv, M) you can manually select the focus point to use. I don't have a T3, but as far as I know that selection will be retained even after switching the camera off.

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Yes, the focus point you selected will be retained. But to change the focus point once again, you need to press button once again....you not only need to do this after you shut camera down, but also after focus acquisition beep. Not a major problem, at least it stays in manual selection. But still need to re-press button and toggle....two steps.


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