What sharpness setting shooting jpg with X-Pro 1

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Re: What sharpness setting shooting jpg with X-Pro 1

RonJG wrote:

I'm going to give jpg shooting a trial with my X-Pro1 and wondered what the conventional thought might be on in-camera sharpening settings?

Appreciate feedback


I made made several test with different in-camera-settings. I like sharpening at -1 and NR at -1. For me it is the best compromise of real sharpness without those unnatural sharpening artefacts most camera jpgs will show (see Canon, Nikon).

If you want a more analog look with real characteristics of your lens-sharpness, turn sharpening to -2. Focus area will still be super sharp with the right lens (like the 35mm), but without any of the too contrasty edge effects.

And as most people already said: It mostly depends on the final size of the image and the way you resize it. Example: If you publish your pics online and for that you resize your original 16MP picture to - lets say 1200 x 800 px in Photoshop with the "bicubic sharper" algorythm, your picture will be sharpened within this resize process quite a lot. So for that example I would definitively recommend in camera sharpening at -1 or -2 in combination with NR -1 to avoid unnatural sharpening contours.

This is just one example and people prefer different looks. So best way to answer your question: Shoot a Raw and export different settings within the camera and finalize your pics on your computer for what you will use them. So you can compare.

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